The following story was submitted by Joseph R. from CYT Austin for our 2017 My CYT Story Contest.

When I first started CYT I had no experience singing or dancing, and not a whole lot of acting, but I knew I wanted to act. My first audition I got really scared, to help me everybody turned around! But by the end of my first show, I had made so many friends!
Now, one year later, I’m always looking forward to CYT and growing my acting skills! In fact, I came from chorus all the way to a lead role (Lefou in Beauty and the Beast) and I’m really excited to do more with the wonderful Mrs. Novak, Mrs. Leah, Mrs. Lauris, and everyone else who helped me grow to be the young actor I am!

*NOTE: DEADLINE for the 2017 My CYT Story Competition has passed. All submissions received after this point will be held for the 2018 My CYT Story Competition. 

DISCLAIMER: Though, all complete stories submitted will be forwarded to their respective area’s leadership for judging as part of the 2017 My CYT Story Competition, not all stories will be published on this blog. Likewise, having your story published on the blog does not guarantee that your story has been selected as a Regional Winner. 

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