The following story was submitted by Lauren R. from CYT San Diego for our 2018 My CYT Story Contest.

I was introduced to CYT when my best friend crewed a CYT show during the fall. It was Annie and he loved it! He told me I had to get involved with CYT immediately. I did the winter show Wizard of Oz where I played a munchkin. I was very nervous because I didn’t get a callback. But when I saw my name on the cast list my face lit up. My family and I screamed because we were so excited! I had so much fun in that show and knew I wanted to continue CYT.

I auditioned for Hairspray that Spring where I met my best friend. He and I clicked instantly. We did a swing class that season together and we were partners! To this day we are still best friends!

This story repeated itself over and over again. I continued to meet new people who I became very good friends with. CYT is the reason I have made long-lasting friendships with such amazing people! I have done 6 CYT classes and shows. I’m currently in Junie B Jones at CYT San Diego Central. I’m playing the role of May. This has been my favorite CYT show to be apart of because of the wonderful cast, crew, and artistic team. It’s been an amazing experience I will never forget.

I plan on continuing my CYT story and continue to make friends along the way. CYT has allowed me to do what I love; perform, praise God, make people smile, and have a good time! If it weren’t for CYT, I wouldn’t be the young girl I am today. CYT has impacted my life in a way that I’ll treasure forever. My story has just begun, there are many more memories to come!

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