The following story was submitted by Naomi H. from CYT Sacramento for our 2018 My CYT Story Contest.

CYT has been such an amazing place to grow! I have been in four shows, and loved every one of them! I knew I wanted to do do something artistic with my life, and CYT seemed like the next step for me. CYT was a place where I could use my dancing abilities AND learn new skills like singing and acting.

But none of that is really as important to me. Learning new skills and techniques is nice, but the values and life lessons and things I have discovered about myself and Jesus are much more important.

In my first show (Fiddler on the Roof) I learned so much about theater in general, and how many amazing, dedicated, hardworking people it took to make everything come together. I also noticed that the people here all still loved me even if I made a mistake or messed up.

In Crazy for You, I learned the importance of perseverance, and giving your all every time you perform, weather in practice, on stage, or in life. You have to constantly make a choice to do things the best way, not the easiest way, even when you’ve been at rehearsal for (no joke) 8 hours.

Into the Woods was the first show I had been cast as a lead (Cinderella) and was an altogether mind-boggling and amazing experience. I was confused by a lot of things, and basically learned everything by trial and error. But my AMAZING friends in the cast who had had bigger roles like this before really took me under their wing and showed me how to do all of these things I had never done before and help me run lines and stuff. And when I was onstage I always knew I could count on them. I learned that 1) you need friends that you can rely on, and that you can help eachother and lift one another up, and 2) that self-discipline and hard work are literally one of the most important things ever. As Mrs Hoover says, “Talent is common, hard work is rare.” If you don’t put in the work and memorize and practice, nothing is going to get any better.

And finally, Cinderella. This show was very close to my heart, and I was literally in awe of the general beauty of the show. I was not cast as a glamorous role. I was playing a man with a beard. But, the show was just so beautiful all together, and if this was a part of the show that needed to be played to make the show the best it could be, then I would play it, and do the best I could to make the entire show more beautiful. I was to be in any part of that amazing show. I can’t use any other word to describe that show but beautiful, onstage and off.

Seussical auditions are soon, and I am thrilled to see what God is going to teach me in this show!

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