The following story was submitted by Isabella Y. from CYT Sacramento for the 2019 My CYT Story Competition.

When I was younger my mom had to come with me to everything—every church and school event, and even places where I had friends. I was so shy and scared of everything I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was nine years old. I could not talk to anyone! I could not even smile at people I knew.

Little by little that shyness wore off, but not all of it. I was still shy when it came to interactions with strangers—even at CYT Summer Camp. On the first day of CYT Summer Camp 2017, I was so nervous I was shaking. I didn’t know anyone, which was terrifying. The day passed and I noticed I had actually enjoyed camp more then I expected. The kids on my team, who had been attending CYT for a while, included me in their inside jokes, even though they hardly knew me.

As the months passed I auditioned for Lion King Jr. and was very happy with my role as a zebra. I loved it because I had written in large print, on my audition form, “NO SPEAKING PARTS” and “BACKGROUND DANCER.” That show taught me so many things—and I thank God for all the triumphs of Lion King, including making VERY GOOD friends. That winter I was cast as ensemble in Cinderella. Although I missed my friends from the last show, I still had a great time and doubled the amount of friends I made. Through all this my shyness was wearing off. I began to ask questions in class and talk with just about everyone. The rest of the shows and summer passed quickly.

As we entered the 2019 spring session, one day I was talking to one of the teachers. Immediately after our conversation I realized that if I had seen myself last year talking to a teacher like we were old friends, I would have been really shocked. Life went on and it was good.

Then came the test. I “bumped” into an old “friend” and all of a sudden something snapped—all the emotions of that challenging relationship came flooding back to me and I didn’t know if I could ever forget how I had been treated. After thinking and praying about the situation over a period of time, I finally realized that CYT helped me forgive and forget that person’s actions. CYT showed me that we all have differences and God is the One who guides our actions. We shouldn’t just rely on ourselves for comfort—we need Him.

As I think about my CYT Story more and more, the TRUTH that God placed in front of me in 2017 is that: He’s there. He’s always going to be there. He will help me get through anything and He will never let me down. God will never place in front of me something He KNOWS I can’t overcome. I am an overcomer!

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