The following story was submitted by Emily M. from CYT Fredericksburg for our 2017 My CYT Story Contest.

The story starts out like this, I’m sitting in row R, left section, we were seeing Fiddler on the Roof. I was with my mom, aunt, and grandmother. When the show started I was completely mesmerized. At intermission we looked around because I’d never seen a CYT show before but I’d taken a fall class earlier that year. I ran into kids from my class and my old teacher. Then at the end of intermission we returned to our seats and got ready for awesomeness that was act two. The second act was even better than the first and I whispered to my grandmother, “This is what I want to do,” and she told me to go for it. Flash forward a few years later, I auditioned for my first show, White Christmas. I didn’t do so hot on my audition but I made the show. The first show experience was like a baby taking it first steps, clueless yet amazed. Then tech week hit, I had heard the horror stories and was kinda nervous but it wasn’t horrible at all. After my first show I was filled with excitement and I was like “I’ve done a show, and it’s amazing”. I’m now in my second production and I couldn’t be happier. Even if you don’t get a lead role, the minor parts are just as cool. Finally, for all of you reading this and thinking about auditioning, just go for it and shoot for the moon for you’ll always land among the stars!

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