The following story was submitted by Ashley K. from CYT Tri-Valley for our 2018 My CYT Story Contest.

I had just finished my first CYT show with my first CYT session. I had found my family. You can imagine how bad my post-show depression was. But next thing I know, I’m in a friend from CYT’s kitchen hearing about this incredible thing called Expo. And what do I want? I want to go. So I head to the church summer camp I had already signed up for, thinking, “Next year.” It was pretty obvious I was completely late to go on this very expensive trip.

That Thursday, I receive a sort of telegram from my mom during cabin discussion time and it reads “Not an emergency.” Of course, when my leader handed it to me, the only word she noticed was emergency and she freaked out a little. (That was kind of a funny moment.) But I have no other information besides the three words! So of course I’m completely confused. After lunch, I head to the post office and exchange some cash for quarters and find the payphone. I insert the coins and dial, eyes wandering as the phone rings, wondering what it could possibly be. Finally my mom picks up the phone. We said our hellos and I explained the funny telegram story then demanded the news. I was going to Expo. After my affiliate’s HYPE members and staff put in a lot of hard work and generosity, I was going! (Again, thank you!) And of course, cue the laughter from surprise.

The rest of the day I was smiling and excited. And then there I was, soaking up the CYT experience at Expo. Complaining about the humidity, playing the floor is lava, laughing and cheering like crazy during improv, staying up late singing to the Newsies, singing praises to our amazing God who is the reason we have CYT, annoying the engineers, you know, the Expo experience. And it obviously hasn’t ended there. I’ve joined HYPE and I’m so excited to be on the HYPE track this Expo. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me with CYT. Thank you all for this incredible community and amazing opportunities!

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