The following story was submitted by Katie T. from CYT San Antonio for our 2018 My CYT Story Contest.

Hi! My name is Katie T. and I have been a part of CYT San Antonio for six years! Before CYT, my life was actually pretty good. My view on the world, however, was meh. I actually don’t remember my first day at CYT, which makes me laugh a little, but what I want to talk about is the past year. Godspell. Our fall 2016 show. I honestly was not thrilled about doing this vague show in our small studio, but I auditioned and was privileged to be one of my first lead roles!


Rehearsals were a blast, but show week was when my life truly took a turn. I have a terrible habit of comparing myself. To everyone. All the time. I still do. But the first time we performed the show in costume and under the lights, the story of Jesus finally came together for me. I realized that He didn’t care if I sang as well as her or looked as good as her. He died on the cross so we would strive to look more like Him to share His love with others and eventually spend forever with Him.

Right then and there on stage, I felt a joy so indescribable and amazing and wonderful. Joy became my favorite word and I longed to share it.So I started a bible study for younger girls in CYT who might be facing the same things I did. Don’t get me wrong, I still compare myself and CYT isn’t a perfect place. But the entire world looks different because of what CYT gave me. It gave me a taste of the joy Christ offers and an outlet to use that joy and do what I love. Recently, I’ve gone through three really hard shows, all of which I learned something new about myself. Even more recently, I’ve preformed in three absolutely wonderful shows, all of which I learned something new about myself. I choreographed two summer camps, both of which I ADORED and learned something about myself.

Finally I came to the realization that CYT truly isn’t just a performance based company. “Building character one stage at a time.” I have seen that play out in my life so incredibly clearly. Thank you CYT for giving me my best friend. For giving me a family so close it’s awkward. For providing me opportunities to grow. And most of all, for showing me a glimpse of the incredible joy God has to offer. There are so many more things I could share about HYPE, Encore. Players, etc… but instead I pray that CYT will continue to impact kids who see life as meh. I pray that they will see that Christ calls us to live life abundantly. And that CYT will help them do that. I adore CYT with all my heart and can easily say I would not be me without it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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