CYT is a family event, but sometimes it’s hard for the whole family to get involved. CYT Dad Ed R. from Sacramento shares some of the struggles of being a working parent who’s family is involved in CYT. Through the ups and downs, Ed knows it’s worth every second!


What is this thing? My wife is a CYT Mom, and I’m feeling… alone.

CYT is so much fun for the kids, they don’t even know all the valuable lessons they’re learning. They learn about fun and respect. The kids greet each other and are kind to each other, as well as to the adults – Where did that come from? Plus, they learn to memorize scripture and memorize lines. By supporting each other, they develop this wonderful confidence and comfort in their faith and in themselves.

Oh wait, it’s not just about the fun. Somehow CYT motivates these young people to try out and work hard on a variety of shows. We are on our 8th play. The kids amaze me! I’ve had the opportunity to follow a script as they rehearse; the accuracy is uncanny. The funny thing is that it doesn’t matter in CYT what part you have. The kids are just so excited to be there, it takes on a life of its own.

There is that small commitment of time CYT asks of one parent from each family. They help build amazing sets, make costumes, keep control in the greenroom, serve food, work in marketing, sell tickets, work in tech and party planning — and so many other things I don’t know about. I can’t even imagine the time that people like Wendy put in to run this whole thing. What an amazing crowd, and the Christian values CYT promotes appear to run through the full list of adult volunteers as well. I sometime stop in during tear-downs/set ups and I’m always greeted warmly and offered the opportunity to help. It’s nice that they include this lonely CYT Dad.

I’m a CYT Dad who often works odd hours, so my dear wife has taken on the challenge of helping at CYT. She starts prepping before casting, then goes to pre-meetings, then after casting day the real fun starts. Many occasions we’ve had piles of costumes throughout our home. I’ll admit to even doing a little sewing – just so I can spend time with my wife! The CYT excitement and energy pulses through our house and out the door a few days a week. My daughter is off to classes or practices, and my wife is doing something or other. Then tech week starts. I hug them in the morning before Super Saturday, because I don’t know when I’ll see them again! I’ve been told “If you need to travel, tech week is a good time because we won’t see you anyway.” These are lonely days for this CYT Dad.

Is it worth it? Of course it is. My daughter has more confidence. She’s often asked to act, perform or sing in front of her school or church. She has more friends than I can count. She loves God and isn’t afraid to say so or to pray in public when we eat out. My wife loves helping out, even if she does pull her hair out at times. This current show I’m going to try and help out more. I like promoting this honorable cause AND I like seeing my family. I won’t be the lonely CYT Dad anymore!

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