CYT San Diego is excited to add an active approach to support CYT/CCT! On January 24th, 2010 a group will be participating in the Carlsbad Half Marathon to promote and raise funds for CYT/CCT. Cathie Stanner, CYT/CCT Managing Director, has completed two marathons as well as a dozen half marathons- four in this year alone! She looks forward to this event for many reasons,

“The Carlsbad Half Marathon is exciting because of the sheer numbers of people involved; from the race participants to the volunteers to the street-lined supporters with their signs, bells, whistles and shout-outs. This course is especially suited to newcomers as it is relatively flat with an ocean view for most of the way.”

Her words of advice? “Be sure to adequately train and to pace yourself. Your goal should be to finish strong, not necessarily fast!”

CCT/CYT will receive direct benefits through donations, given to sponsor their participants. According to Stanner, “A secondary benefit is the increased exposure of the organization through the event itself. I think most of our participants will agree that they each benefit through supporting the organization we love, doing something fun with friends and getting in shape at the same time.”

Some participants will be walking and some will be running- Come join us, we will provide training for everyone who wants to participate! This is a great chance to have a lot of fun, support a great cause, and get into shape.

Sign up now and join these and other CCT/CYT members: Paul & Sheryl Russell, Travis Russell, Cathie Stanner, Katie Wilson, Josh Pontsler, Vana Elwell, Julie Waldbauer, Emily Wanser, Jon Lorenz, Jessica Cortez and so many more!!!

For more information check out the website, or

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