CYT is chock full of the most incredible people. From affiliate leadership to volunteers to students to staff, there are phenomenal people everywhere you turn. Recently, CYT Inc’s Curriculum Coordinator, Dr. Summer Moshy, humored me while I peppered her with questions about what she does for CYT and why she thinks the organization is the most special one around.

Summer (right) with CYT Inc's Director of Operations, Heather LaForge
Summer (right) with CYT Inc’s Director of Operations, Dr. Heather LaForge

First things first. You are CYT’s Curriculum Coordinator. Break down for us what that means.
Basically, I organize and maintain all of the available CYT Inc. curriculum materials that we’ve got and make them accessible (via the Curriculum link on the CYT NEXUS) to all of our CYT affiliates for use in planning the class schedule for their respective areas. I try to keep the resources current with accurate listings/descriptions of what materials we have available, so that the Area Coordinators, Managing Directors, and/or Artistic Directors can request what they need for their area teachers. I also facilitate the requests from the ACs, MDs, or ADs for the materials and answer any questions they might have about our current materials.

There are oodles of classes and even more affiliates. Your job sounds busy!
It took me a a while to recover and organize all of the curriculum stuff CYT Inc. has amassed over the past 30 years, but now that that’s done (though we do still unearth buried treasures from time to time!), I’m starting to work on creating new curriculum materials for our affiliates. I also try to solicit materials from our affiliates to enhance the variety and quality of curriculum goodies we have for them. I am also about to send out my first Curriculum Newsletter highlighting what’s new and what’s coming up for CYT Curriculum.

Summer wiith CYT student Emily Smedley at EXPO 2014
Summer wiith CYT student Emily Smedley at EXPO 2014

I’m told you’ve worked with a variety of other theatre programs. What is the main difference you notice about CYT?
The willingness of everyone involved to “give it to God” at the end of the day. To me, it’s comforting to feel that the common denominator among CYT peeps is devotion to a power greater than ourselves.

I’m also told that you worked as a choreographer for CYT. What show, what area, and what was that experience like for you?
I choreographed Rapunzel in CYT San Diego (NCI). It was so fun! The director was Heather LaForge (CYT Inc.’s Director of Operations and one of my besties). I loved the kids, I always do, but I also really loved the NCI family (Katrina DeRoache, Marissa Redd, etc.) and their joy was such a pleasure to be around. I think that’s the thing I miss most having moved to Seattle in the summer of 2013… the people. I can, and do, work in theatre production wherever I go, but it’s not always with people who “get it” that same way that I found that the NCI team did/does. It makes such a difference when the people you’re spending so much time with are so cool…and super funny.

Filming a video spoof with (from left) Marissa Redd, Summer, Heather LaForge, & Katrina DeRoche for Rapunzel
Filming a video spoof with (from left) Marissa Redd, Summer, Heather LaForge, & Katrina DeRoche for Rapunzel

Based on the various aspects of your involvement, what do you see as the most awesome thing about CYT as an organization?
From the Russells at the top all the way through to the newest CYT families, everyone involved really cares about the CYT experience and that it be significant, Christ-centered, and uplifting.

Let’s play a little word association. I’ll say a word or phrase, and you say the first word or phrase that pops into your head…

Musical theater: Bugsy Malone (that’s the show I’m working on right now)
Favorite show: pause…ummm…I can’t choose just one…ok, Wicked (I love the female leads!)
Auditions: Exciting
Favorite movie musical: Chicago
Writing curriculum: Time stealer
CYT families: The best ever
When not working for CYT, I can be found…: Directing the show at my daughter’s school

Thanks so much, Summer! Keep on being awesome (it won’t be hard).

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