What CYT Character Are You?

Everyone has their inner CYT Character bursting at the seams… Ever wonder what part you were BORN to play? In case you haven’t heard, Christian Youth Theater has created an enchanting quiz just for you. Find out by taking the “What CYT Character Are You?” quiz on Facebook.  We don’t want to give away any of the coveted characters Continue Reading

Wonderland: CYT National Featured On PBS

CYT National was featured on the KPBS San Diego show “Wonderland” with Noah Tafolla. In the video Noah flies like Peter Pan, and talks CYT -past & present- with the Russell family. Check out the episode below: Noah Tafolla’s tagline for the show reveals his dedication to seeking out the best in the county, “San Continue Reading

A Day In The Life of The Shop: Nick McNamer

Nick McNamer works his derriere off as the CYT San Diego Production Manager. Joined at his hip is Floyd Meldrum. Together they create a rentals team that flows effervescently, day in and day out. McNamer likes to joke around as much as possible, but everyone knows he is one of the hardest workers around CYT Continue Reading