The following story was submitted by Morgan T. from CYT Fredericksburg. for our 2016 My CYT Story Contest.

Peace, CYT Fred!



Through CYT I have been able to feel God’s presence in my life. Thought out the whole process of Mary Poppins (our Fall show) one of the things we turned to a lot was prayer. Anytime we didn’t know how to handle a situation we prayed; and this showed me that there is nothing we can’t do without God!

Asking for blessing.

It was very nerve wracking that we never did a full run through until the third day of tech week and many thought “how would this ever come together”? After all the worrying and praying our show turned into a miracle that touched many people’s lives and is one of our best shows we’ve done. I truly believe that It was only by the grace of God that we pulled it off. At the end of this whole process It was beautiful to watch the cast and crew members pray on stage and over the seats of the auditorium on the last Sunday.

CYT friends!
CYT friends!

It was something that brought many to tears and in the end it brought us all closer together.

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