Inverse Psychology is a Kansas City-based film production company- aka Ben, Derrick, and Kendrick, all CYT Alumni. They specialize in filming, stage productions, music videos, live bands, weddings, and promos. Read our Q & A session with Derrick here:

Q: You are CYT Alumni. What cities were you guys involved with?

A: We were each involved with the Kansas City north area for several years. Kendrick and I graduated with honors; Ben was thrown out early for “always bringing pancakes to rehearsal.” It’s okay, he still
makes good videos.

Q: What was your decision to start Inverse Psychology? Was it more of a need or a casual project?

A: Hmm… well it was no formal project. We all had a propensity to make videos for fun when we were younger, which eventually gave way to more and more projects until we just kind of fell into doing them for pay. Now, we are very grateful for all our experience and always seek to crush banality
in our projects.

Q: I love the concept of ‘Dorkumentaries’ for the Improvathon. Did you come up with that concept or do you just film it? What is a dorkumentary that you have yet to see that you are dying to capture?

A: Spawning from the tendency of one of us to always carry a camera around, dorkumentaries became a tradition from the first time Ben and Kendrick attended Improvathon. In the most recent dorkumentaries, we have followed our team’s Improvathon experience from the very beginning, including auditions, rehearsals, and fund raisers, culminating in the final week of
both fun and competition.

Inverse Psychology Productions

You can now watch Inverse Psychology videos online at CYT-TV,
Watch their Dorkumentary from Improvathon 2008, Part 1 of 5, below.

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