The teachers at Spotlight Dance Arts at CCT/CYT San Diego have dedicated their time and energy into teaching students how to dance. Last month, the 1ST Annual Spotlight On Dance Concert sold out all four dates. The concert was a fun and energetic, with many different dance styles performed by students and teachers of CCT/CYT’s year-round dance studio. A new Ballroom Specialist is joining the staff as well- Debbie Lindner is sure to get you stepping right in both Smooth and Rhythm Ballroom. Fred DeBerg, Director of Dance at Spotlight Dance Arts, shares his insight.

“Spotlight’s long term plans are the continual the enhancement of the program, continual training in the areas of dance, and to make sure everyone is getting the necessary skill sets to dance. Another long term goal is a dance troupe called Focal Point that can perform throughout Southern California, as a good representation of CCT/CYT. Short term goals, we would like to see the studio double within in the next two years.”

DeBerg stresses the importance of dance training throughout the year,

“One thing that is important about Spotlight is the philosphy of why why we exist. There’s only so much you can do in a ten-week session. Dance is a long-term process. You have the ability to train in a place where people care, they nurture you, they want you to succeed. We don’t believe in the Socratic method of teaching, which is to tear them down and build them up later. It is very important for us to be building people up and to be encouraging them now.”

Be sure to register now for the NEW Ballroom classes about to begin, taught by Debbie Lindner here.
Start dates are as follows:

Tuesday, November 3rd @ 5pm – Beginning Smooth Ballroom
Tuesday, November 3rd @ 6pm – Beginning Rhythm Ballroom
Saturday, November 7th @ 4pm – Intermediate Ballroom/ TBD

You can take one 10-week Session for just $100 per person, two per week for as little as $85 per person, per session, or all three classes each week for the amazing rate of $75 per person, per session. Come explore reasons why people dance, and ultimately our love for this expressive art form that binds us all together…

4 thoughts on “Spotlight Dance Arts at CCT/CYT San Diego”

  1. I am so impressed with all the opportunities that Mr. DeBerg is offering his students. You can feel his love for dance throughout his comments.

  2. Spotlight Dance Arts is the best experience I’ve had since beginning classes two years ago. My jazz and musical theatre dance classes led to performing in three CCT Productions the first being ‘Hello Dolly’ in Oct 2008.
    Without these two classes my auditions would probably have been more challenging. I know I would’ve struggled to learn the basic choreographed routine introduced in each audition.
    Fred DeBerg is an awesome dance teacher. He and his staff take the time to teach each dance step at a pace that is comfortable and encouraging.

  3. Fred DeBerg is an amazing dancer and all around great guy! I was fortunate to perform in the Senior Follies shows and Fred was our choreographer in 2008. After more than 20 years as a graphic artist for San Diego County Parks, I retired last April and decided to pursue my dreams of dancing at the Spotlight Dance Arts class.

    Last month it was a theatrical dance class. Now I’m taking Jazz, and Tap as well as the theatrical class and having the time of my life! In addition to being the best of the best, Fred is a man whose teaching skill guides us spiritually as well as physically, mentally and emotionally. Bravo!!! 😀

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