The importance of theatre in the educational system

Within the world of school budget cuts and standardized tests, there seems to be a never-ending debate about whether or not theatre and the arts should be incorporated into the educational system. I recently came across the below article that lists eight reasons why the arts are indeed an integral part of every student’s education. And I Continue Reading

10 ways to know if you’re a Theatre Kid

Tell-tale signs that you are indeed a theatre kid (and proud of it). 1. There is a pair of character shoes in your closet. And by a pair I mean one black, one nude. 2. You have an indescribable friendship with your fellow actors. Sorry, parents. Actors are your people. 3. You have no shame Continue Reading

Paul Russell: “Some things never change!”

[The following was contributed by Paul Russell, co-founder of CYT] There is nothing like directing a CYT show. I just finished directing Rapunzel (a new CYT original for CYT San Diego) and I have to tell you – it was messy, emotional, and bumpy. We went through major changes in the script, new songs, and testing out some new Continue Reading

Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned at Auditions

Once upon a time I was a relatively fearless, relatively talented actress on the CYT stage. Fast forward a decade (or two), I found myself back at CYT auditions as an innocent bystander. I walked into the room and approximately 10 minutes later, I learned everything I needed to know about life. People are inherently brave. Continue Reading

How to Tell if You Might Be a CYT Parent

CYT Tucson posted a hysterical list onto their Facebook page of ways to tell if you’re a CYT parent. And by hysterical, I mean hysterically true. Thanks to Ronnie Laue Crider for hitting the nail on the head. How to Tell if You Might Be a CYT Parent If someone says, “I feel like I’m Continue Reading

5 Reasons Live Theater Is Important

There’s just something about seeing a live show. There are so many reasons to love it (Look at that set! That person missed their cue! There’s an intermission!) and being a member of the audience can be downright exhilarating. I came across several articles outlining why live theater and overall arts exposure is important (read: awesome) and Continue Reading