CYT North Idaho Alum, Kaitie Hunt, shared the following letter with us. Enjoy!

To the people who shaped my life:CYT North Idaho

These last two weeks have been odd for me. For the first time in more years than I care to count, I’ve missed a CYT North Idaho show. I can’t remember having not been present for a show since CYT North Idaho began its journey as a family.

Along with more than a little bit of sadness and a healthy dose of nostalgia, I’m filled with gratitude when I reflect on my years spent as a (CYT) student.

This gratitude is felt for every person who touched and altered my life during my most beautiful and precious years. There is not a lesson I learned at CYT that I don’t continue to carry with me and utilize on a sometimes hourly basis. My best qualities I owe to CYT and the family I was adopted into there.

Although I’ve chosen to pursue Chemistry – a far cry from the theater of my youth – not a day passes when I don’t silently thank CYT and praise God for placing such a wonderful organization in my life. Thanks to you, the beautiful humans who were willing to be the hands and feet of our creator and do High work in my life, I am confident, I am a cirtical thinker, and I know how to admit my mistakes and short-comings. These skills may not have made college and learning to “adult” a walk in the park, but they have certainly made is easier.

I’m sure there are ways of getting through life without confidence, but that’s a life I’m grateful not to lead. Because of CYT I have an ingrained confidence. Learning to sell raffle tickets and stand in fron of hundreds of people, even while wearing a ridiculous costume, taught me to be sure of myself. because of CYT I’m not afraid to approach professors with problems I’m having or raise my hand in a crowded lecture hall to ask or answer a question, even though I run the risk of sounding silly or illiterate. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and to show people my silly side and to admit when I don’t know how to do something. Thank you to every director who reminded me to cheat out, every parent volunteer who made me look good, every fellow cast and crew member who offered a prayer or a pat on the back when I needed encouragement, and every audience member that gave me a chance to entertain them.

CYT also taught me how to think and to think well. Through the Improvathon, mistakes happening onstage and crew catastrophes I learned not only how to solve problems, but how to do so quickly, calmly, and while maintaining my character and composure. Every time I make a mistake in a chemistry lab, attempt to solve a new Calculus problem, or have a quarrel with a roommate or dreaded group project team member, I am grateful to CYT. While it may be a while before I have the opportunity to spit out a witty joke in an improv scene or cover for someone’s forgotten line, the thought processes and mental acuity learned there have served me well. I offer my thanks to every teammate who ever set up the perfect one-liner for me to drive home, every cast member who missed their entrance, every set piece that ever broke and every costume that ever malfunctioned for teaching me patience, calmness, and mental dexterity in times of crisis.

Above all else, though, CYT had a knack for knocking me down just when I needed it most. In all of the directions and correction that I’ve received and the failures I’ve experienced, CYT has taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s even better to take and apply constructive criticism. To every director who told me “no,” every choreographer who fixed my footwork, every fellow HYPE member who held me accountable, every musical director who grimaced when I was flat, and every crew boss who ever shushed me backstage, you have my undying gratitude.

Indeed, the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life, all the instruction God knew I needed, has been delivered via the tough love, the smiles, the high-fives, the warm embraces and the instruction of CYT. So to all of you, thank you for being my brothers, my sisters, my mentors, my coaches, my advice-givers and my closest confidants. Thank you for giving me such great laughter and such beautiful tears. Thank you for being my family, and for allowing me to be a part of yours. In your arms I was molded and crafted into the daughter of the King I am today. No individual or group has been more influential than you. You’ve shown me what’s important and what to laugh off; you’ve built my confidence, strengthened my thinking, and proven the value of taking instruction. You’ve changed my life. You, CYT family, are one of the greatest blessings I have ever received, and for that I am eternally thankful.

Sincerely and forever yours,

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