Dear CYT Family,

As you might already know, CYT Chicago has decided to leave the CYT Family and branch out on their own. To say the least, we were surprised at this decision because we have been in negotiations for nearly a year. But we found out just like you might have – over the internet. This news comes with great sadness because CYT Chicago has participated so much in the vision, passion and leadership of CYT and its history. They have so much to offer and they have blessed all of us by their commitment to excellence, their passion for camps, their desire to grow their program and their love for the Lord. We will miss them greatly!

But I’m excited to say that we want to continue to serve you in anyway we can to make your program successful. We are thrilled that our mission hasn’t changed in our 32 year history and we know that God will continue to bless this amazing ministry which is:

Dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment, all of which reflect Judeo-Christian values.

We are excited to see many of you at the CYT EXPO next month. It’s going to be exciting to bring 23 CYT programs from across the country together and share ideas, give new vision, get inspired from some of the amazing stories that God is doing around the world with CYT.

We will also have the new updates on the fee structure and all the benefits of being a part of the CYT family. It’s an exciting time to be apart of the CYT family!

Some of the new benefits we will be sharing at the conference are:

    • A new and improved ticketing program that is included in your fees.
    • A new College scholarship program for your CYT Alumni students. There is CYT after CYT.
    • Expanding CYT to new areas. We welcome: CYT Nashville, CYT Sacramento, CYT NYC, and CYT LA.

  • CYT Summer Camps Abroad. How does CYT in China sound! All expenses paid!
  • New CYT Summer Camp shows and curriculum plus other new resources in the ever expanding Nexus library.
  • Our new CYT Theme song – You’ll love it!
  • And the pride of being a part of the largest children’s theater network in the world.

If you have any questions please give me, Josh, or Sharon a call. We love this organization. We love what you are doing in your city and we love to spend time with you and rejoice together of God’s amazing journey of reaching the next generation through the arts!

God Bless,

Paul Russell
CYT Founder

Joshua Tucker
CYT Affiliate Services Manager
877-411-4CYT ext. 103

Sharon Kleinschmidt
CYT Affiliate Services Board Chair

One thought on “The Future of our CYT Family”

  1. We had such mixed emotions hearing the news yesterday here in Chicago. We will always be grateful to CYT for coming to Chicago and bringing our family such a wonderful opportunity. The deep friendships we have made here will last our whole lives long–and into eternity. We are holding–and will continue to hold CYT National and Spotlight Chicago in our prayers during this time. ♥ The Engelhardt Family.

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