Within the world of school budget cuts and standardized tests, there seems to be a never-ending debate about whether or not theatre and the arts should be incorporated into the educational system. I recently came across the below article that lists eight reasons why the arts are indeed an integral part of every student’s education. And I must say I agree.


1. Self-confidence
Performing onstage can give even the most timid child a new sense of self-confidence. The stage is a place where some kids–particularly those who may not have other noticeable gifts–will be able to shine.

2. Teamwork
Rehearsing a play builds collaboration skills and a sense of community, just like team sports. Kids learn quickly that there’s an entire group of actors depending on them to work hard and do their best.

3. Real-life skills
As “soft” skills (like making presentations and communicating clearly with groups) become more valuable in the workplace, drama can give children a head start towards developing those competencies.

4. Creativity
During much of the school day, children are expected to memorize and regurgitate facts. The arts give them an opportunity to unleash their imaginations and create something all their own.

5. Energy
Drama gives even “hyper” kids a healthy way to release their energy.

6. Empathy
Research demonstrates that theatre can help young actors develop empathy for people different from them.

7. A Richer Life
Cultivating an appreciation for the performing arts when children are young can enrich their entire lifetimes with a world of cultural experiences.

8. Fun!
And of course, theatre is just plain fun.

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