[The following was written by Heather LaForge, the Director of Operations of CYT Inc and director of the upcoming Thoroughly Modern Millie at CYT San Diego]

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Members of the Thoroughly Modern Millie cast: (L-R) Jimmy, Millie, Dorothy, and Graydon

Tech Week. The phrase itself drives fear and dread into the minds of directors, area coordinators, and parents. To me, the phrase conjures up images of exhaustion, tears, sickness, and caffeine. Did I mention my tech week is next week? Pray for me, if you will.

Yet, tech week doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. I recently overheard my students saying, “I can’t wait for tech week! It’s so fun! Costumes, props, lights, and then we get to perform!!”

I wonder when I lost that energy and excitement for the magic of the theater. I imagine it was around the time I became a mom, or perhaps it was years earlier when I first began directing. Regardless, it makes me a bit sad. I wish I could conjure up that energy again.

Theater is my chosen career; I went to school for way too long for it not to be a passion! I love theater. I believe in its power, its ability to change minds and develop character in its participants. Add God into the mix (as CYT does) and theater is basically the best ever. Yet faced with having to spend a week in a dark theater watching kids perform, I get grumpy. That makes me sad.

So this coming week, I’m going to try to change my perspective. I’m going to pray for a transformation of my mindset. Tech week is exciting. What a privilege it is to participate in it! When I find myself bordering on frustration, I will seek out the 8-year-old who is in her first show and try to steal a bit of her awe. I will notice all the parents who are dedicating hours and hours of time to allow their children the chance to perform. I will be thankful–because getting to spend a week in a dark theater watching kids perform is a blessing. And that fills me with joy.

So instead of praying for my sanity next week, perhaps you could pray for my perspective. Pray that I might remember the magic that theater brings. I’ll be praying too.

P.S. After you pray, head over to buy tickets and see for yourself just how tech week worked out.

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