Theater is hard. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of nerves, excitement, disappointment, joy, stress, and pride. There are highs and lows at each step of the way – from auditions to callbacks, the cast list coming out to the first rehearsal, and tech week through the final curtain call. Sometimes, you audition for a show and then have the privilege of being a part of the cast! But what happens when you nail your audition AND callback, and then are disappointed with your part, or don’t even see your name on the cast list?

Two moms from CYT Fredericksburg share what they’ve learned from watching their children go through the casting process and face disappointment. Stefanie, mother of five, wrote in the fall about two of her kids’ auditions with CYT Fredericksburg’s fall shows, “White Christmas” and “Junie B. Jones”, and Heather writes about her daughter’s audition for CYT Fredericksburg’s winter show, “Willy Wonka Jr.”. CYT really is building character one stage at a time, not only in our students, but in our parents as well!

Read through Stefanie’s and Heather’s beautifully worded stories in the links below!

The Overholtzer’s Lives: The Right Fit

Southern Mama Speaks: The Callback List

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