tout_a-list_winner09CYT Denver, CYT VanPort, and CYT San Diego are trendsetters with a higher mission.

For the second year in a row, CYT Denver has won Best Theatre Group, according to ABC 7.  CYT San Diego was voted Best Theater of 2009, attaining more votes than The Old Globe and the La Jolla Playhouse.  CYT VanPort has also won the Best Of Clarke County this year.  So how did these CYT Affiliates make the A List ?

Gary Dean Hathaway, Artistic Director at CYT Denver, can testify, “We have some of the same excellent talent that they use in other theaters…but we have two other things that set us apart. A mission of Service and Love, and a Savior who we give all of the glory to.”

In an interview with 9News,  Gary Hathaway talks about how CYT Denver teaches theater skills alongside values- fundamentals for creating a grassroots campaign for CYT Success. No doubt what led them to back-to-back Best Theatre wins. You can see the video here.

Read what voters had to say about CYT:
This is the largest theatre program in the entire world next to Broadway. There’s nothing else like it. If you’re looking for good loving friends, a chance to learn, and just a place to be loved and accepted, this is it. I would recommend it to anyone.  Posted by: Beth Miller

CYT theater productions are top notch! Everything from the choreography, music, costumes, artistic team is first rate. The talent in the children continues to amaze me.   Posted by: Cindy Howery

CYT Denver has grown from just a little group to a truly professional children’s theatre company. They have highly qualified teachers, directors and choreographers, and a great staff to run everything. There’s no sense in looking anywhere else, CYT is simply the best! Posted by: Ann P.

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