For the next few weeks, every other Tuesday is now dubbed “Tuesday Crew Day“. Why? Because those days we’ll be introducing you to your 2018 CYT EXPO Crew!

2017 Crew

Since 2014, the EXPO Crew began as one person helping out here and there. Last year, there were 5 Crew members from various affiliates. Now, we have 12 members representing 8 different CYT affiliates from across the nation!

This totally rad group of people are helping make EXPO happen. They’re the ones giving you a tour of the hotel, cleaning up after meals, setting up CYT Ninja Warrior, greeting you at the ballroom doors every morning, and getting you pumped to be at EXPO! It takes a certain kind of person to be on the CYT EXPO Crew, and these people are top-notch.

Now. For your 2018 CYT EXPO Crew!! Here’s a quick introduction, but we’ll get to know them better over the next few weeks.

Crew Bosses – Danny LaPointe, Jensen Kirkendall, Kristina Sims, Donavon Potter, Scott Worley, and Tyler Tafolla!

These guys are pros. If you were at EXPO last year, you totally saw them hanging around being awesome. We’ll have some fun questions and pictures to share later so you can get to know them again!

Crew Interns – Alex Redd , Gabe Bates, Hannah Taraschke, Kalla Mort, Ryan Ramsower, and Tim Chapman!

These interns are the bomb. They haven’t been on the Crew before, but they are no strangers to CYT or EXPO! Be on the lookout for our upcoming posts so you can meet them! Maybe they’re from your CYT!!

Well, that’s all we have for now. Check back every other Tuesday for our latest Tuesday Crew Day post! Seriously you guys, these people are the best. We can’t wait for EXPO!! If you’re not registered yet, Register Now! Prices go up Thursday, March 1!





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