It’s Tuesday Crew Day and this week we’re introducing our Crew Boss and Intern for the  CYT EXPO 2018 HYPE track!

If you were at EXPO last year then maybe you’ll remember #TeamJensen. Well this year, Jensen Armstrong Kirkendall from Santa Cruz, CA is back as the HYPE Crew Boss, and with him as the Crew Intern we have Timothy Chapman from Fredericksburg, VA (which is, according to Tim, “the land of suburban corn”)! These two will be helping out Lydia Kinne, the National HYPE Director, throughout the course of EXPO. Do they have a very similar sense of humor? Are they practically the same person? We recently interviewed the two of them, so read on to find out!

How did you get started with CYT, and how long have you been involved?

Jensen Kirkendall


JensenI first decided to do CYT when a cute girl came up to me in church after I did a church skit and told me I should join (Then I got to be her husband in Honk! for the first show 😉 I was only able to be a student for 7th and 8th grade, since I moved too far away, but I was able to stay in touch over the years.


Timothy Chapman


TimothyI started CYT way back in the day about 4 years ago, at the end of my Freshman year, playing the role of Sailor in Tights and Elton John Frog number 3 in Little Mermaid Jr. I wasn’t cut, thankfully, even though my audition was one for the books (ask me sometime about it, but it basically involved a ukulele, reindeer, and loss of memory). I’ve been involved ever since them, working backstage, with HYPE, performing, and on the Artistic Team.


What are some fun facts about you?

JensenI wear shoes about 10% of the time I am alive. That 10% is flip flops I drink tea throughout the day at an altogether shocking rate. I make a mean chicken noodle soup, and have decided to take it to training school to make it get along better with my tomato bisque. If there is one thing I love more than sharp cheddar cheese, it is extra sharp cheddar cheese. If there is one thing I like a tiny bit less than extra sharp cheddar cheese but about equally to sharp cheddar cheese, it’s pepper jack cheese. In the words of G K Chesterton, “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”

TimothyThere was a point in my life I could say I had lived in Japan for more then half my life (around 12 or 13). I’m a firm believer that Snowboarding is cooler then Skiing. I couldn’t ever do a desk job, unless my boss was Michael Scott. I love you but I probably won’t come to your dance recital. In opposition to the common belief, I have no idea what i’m doing with my life and am open to suggestions. So let’s go backpack the world! I have jumped out of a plane and encourage everyone to try do it at least once in their lives. Canada isn’t real.

When you’re not at EXPO having the time of your life, what do you do? Are you in school, performing, teaching, working…?

JensenI am currently studying Humanities and English and Philosophy at Azusa Pacific University. So that means all I do is read, write, read so that I can write, read what I write, and write about things I read.

Timothy: Not having the time of my life, obviously, but if you are a local of Fredericksburg, you could see me serving Jesus Chicken at the local Chick-fil-A, taking the minimum amount of online Community College classes I possibly can be, hiking, writing CEO’s of companies asking for money, running distances I probably shouldn’t, flipping through life, sleeping longer then I intend to then getting mad at myself because I slept longer then I intended to, meaning to do important work but ending up sleeping longer then I intend to, driving my car a mile over the speed limit at all times, laughing at random times because I told myself a joke, making others not laugh with the joke I just told myself, and hitting Goodwill to buy some flannels. Also if anyone wants to buy me some climbing shoes, donations are not only accepted but encouraged.
What are you the most excited about for this year’s EXPO?

JensenMealtimes…Well, I guess also the students. They always bring back my youthfulness and make me happy to be working!

TimothyProbably working with such cool people and having, as said previously, THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Also being in California. Cuz California is pretty great.

Remember to check back every other Tuesday to meet more of our EXPO Crew! If you still haven’t registered for EXPO yet, it’s not too let! Make sure to get registered today!!




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