CYT isn’t just having an impact on students, but on the whole family! Sunday, November 5, CYT Fredericksburg mom Heather O. posted on her facebook how much hard work CYT can be, but how the end results are worth every moment. CYT Fredericksburg closed one of their fall shows, The Little Mermaid, that afternoon. Check out her story!

As we close The Little Mermaid (and look forward to Super Saturday for James and the Giant Peach), I’m sitting here relatively exhausted, eating dinner after bedtime, first I’ve really been still since before 9AM.

My feet are tired, but my heart is full. So for those of you closing a show, for those of you about to open, those of you “taking a (well-deserved) break,” and those of you just starting to consider this whole Theater Life Thing…

CYT requires hard work, mental and emotional effort, late nights and early mornings (sometimes back to back!), doing of homework in moving cars, emergency trips to walmart and CVS, sore muscles, stubbed toes, blisters, parent committees, crock pot dinners and fast food dinners, lots and LOTS of family teamwork AND committee teamwork, class fees, production fees, ticket block activation, bruised (no, let’s say, ‘adjusted’) egos, bruised elbows, learning new skill sets, carpools, trips to urgent care, and going outside of comfort zones! (And that’s just in the first two years!!)

But what CYT GIVES… CYT gives friendships forged in a common purpose, laughter, tears, triumphs, watching my introvert daughter SHINE on stage in the most hideous dress I could create, other people’s children who I now love as my own, a common ground for siblings no matter their age difference, role models in a wide variety of ages, watching my introvert husband make connections and even friends, finding purposes for odd combinations of God-given skills and talents, watching the work of God in the lives of the children youth and adults, hearing grade-school children lead an audience of strangers in prayer, watching a group of inexperienced strangers morph into a capable and unified team, watching my youngest walk into school still sporting yesterday’s stage makeup without a care about what others think of it, watching children grow into teens, watching ensemble members become featured dancers and leads, friends who know just when to walk behind you activating their fart noise app, seeing kids who are viewed as quirky in other places find this place where their “weird” is not only accepted but CELEBRATED, having at least 20 people a day ask how my ankle is doing, trusting the director to pull the best out of your child in an empowering and supportive way, having someone who knows you well enough to know when to tell you to shut up and walk away (you know who you are!), having friendships so strong that one of you can screw up (ahem, me!) and you both yell at each other and then when you’re done yelling you still love each other (you know who you are, too!), friends who see your untapped potential and challenge you to do something you’ve never done before. CYT gives confidence AND humility. It gives kids (and adults!) the chance to find their limits, and then remove them! And THAT’S just in the first two years…

Thank you, Heather, for sharing from your heart! CYT truly is a place where kids and adults can grow individually, build valuable relationships, find and then remove each of their limits them one by one, setting the bar higher each time.



In the Fredericksburg area? Check out their next show, James and the Giant Peach! They open Friday, November 17, and run for two weekends! Get your tickets today!

How has CYT affected YOUR life? Share your story with us!

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