Hi everyone, this is Rachael Baciocco from CYT Inc! I’m running around with the rest of the staff helping to get everything ready for EXPO. (And all the while wearing that cool backpack you guys all get when you arrive!) We are so excited and can’t wait to meet you all! EXPO is right around the corner so here are a few more fun details just for you.

So, you want to know the “Who, What, and Wear” at EXPO?

WHO you ask? That’s easy. YOU! That is, if you’re going to EXPO. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! Click HERE to register now!

WHAT cool items can we hope to win at this year’s EXPO? Well I’m glad you asked! There are some amazing prizes you can win through the Opportunity Drawing! (items include Apple watch, iPad mini, $250 Visa gift card, NYC condo 2 night stay, and more!)

Tickets can be purchased at EXPO only!

  • $1 for 1 ticket
  • $10 for an arm’s length of tickets
  • $20 for a body length (bring someone tall!)

Also, we will be doing free give-aways all EXPO long, and you could win some cool prizes JUST BY BEING THERE!

But what are you going to WEAR? Here is what the EXPO staff is wearing (this is for you, Kara & Emily from CYT Fredericksburg!) Why not match with some of our staff and wear these items too? Of course you don’t have to, but how fun would it be if we were all wearing CYT gear the entire event? You will receive an “EXPO only discount” on all of these items and more, because we LOVE you! So there!

Img 2342 grande


Sunday: Affiliate Shirt / I <3 CYT

We’re wearing our I <3 CYT shirts! Come to check-in wearing your affiliate shirt/Improvathon shirt loud and proud, or wear your I <3 CYT shirt and let the world know how much you love CYT!



Hashtag nailedit front 02 grande



Monday, the first full day of expo! With our #Auditions shirts on we’ll be ready to take on the day and say that we #NAILEDIT




Tuesday: Retro CYT Shirt day/trucker hat

Hey! Remember those cool tanks from last year’s EXPO? Or perhaps your Awkwardly Closer Than Family shirt? Wear any of the older CYT shirts, like one of your affiliate show shirts, Shuffle Off To Buffalo T-shirt, you get the idea. And don’t forget to wear your new Trucker Hat that you can purchase at EXPO!


Hashtag bigfinish front 02 grande


Wednesday: #JAZZHANDS

Wednesday is the last day of EXPO (AKA the #BIGFINISH). Wear your new #JAZZHANDS shirt with the EXPO staff, or another CYT shirt you have!




And that’s the Who, What, and Wear of it! Get your gear together, get excited, and get ready for EXPO 2016! See you in June!

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