Hello, CYT! It’s Rachael Baciocco (ChocoTaco) with the Who, What, and Wear of EXPO 2017!! EXPO is only 15 days away, so I’m sure you’re wondering about all the exciting details we have planned. I’ll let you in on a few, but we have to save some of the fun for EXPO!


WHO: EXPO is for YOU! Are you 12 or older? Are you a CYT Teacher? Area Coordinator? Parent? Student? Whatever your role, you are invited! Registration is still open, so get signed up here!

WHAAAAAT?? We’ve got prizes, food trucks, CYT Ninja Warrior, and MORE! Here’s a quick sneak peek at the “what” of EXPO 2017!

Win awesome prizes from our Opportunity Drawings! (items include Apple watch, iPad mini, gift cards, free EXPO 2018 Registration, and more!)

Remember those delicious food trucks? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, “That’s What Cheese Said” is back, along with other returning trucks AND some new ones!! This year we have a couple of different trucks coming each night! We have a wide variety of options, including Organic Food Truck, Epic EatsHana Hou to Go, and Cucina Caprese Monaco. Check them out! You can purchase food truck vouchers at the Info Table for $13!



CYT Ninja Warrior?! Whaaaattttt?? Get a team of Newsies together and compete to see which team can Carry the Banner from Start to Finish the fastest!! We have the course posted on our Facebook page, along with the descriptions to each station. Take a look and start training with your fellow Newsies for CYT Ninja Warrior!!

WEAR: Each day of EXPO we wear our CYT Swag loud and proud. Here’s what the CYT EXPO Staff will be wearing each day, so why not “twin” with the staff? Make sure you pack these items, or if you don’t have them you can buy them at EXPO at a special EXPO discount!


Tuesday: We’re wearing our CYT EXPO Staff shirts, so come decked out in your Affiliate’s gear to represent your group! Make sure you bring some Newsies attire too though…Tuesday night we’re going to “Party Like it’s 1899”!

Wednesday: Wear your CYT Tank and/or your CYT Trucker Hat! Remember those cool retro tanks we released at the 2015 EXPO? Well they’re back, and in fun colors! You had the chance to purchase them in green or teal, and now you can get them in black or pink! Add them to your CYT Swag collection at EXPO!



Thursday: Time to pull out the good old “I HEART CYT” shirts. We’re wearing those on Thursday! Wear your I HEART shirt and tell the world you love CYT!



Friday: What’s your favorite piece of CYT Swag? Get dressed Friday morning wearing your favorite CYT shirt/hat/accessory!

And THAT, my friends, is the Who, What, and Wear of CYT EXPO 2017! Get your Swag, get excited, and get ready to Seize the Day at CYT EXPO 2017!


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