A list of quotes from CYT-ers who have lived and breathed CYT. You know you’ve been in CYT too long when…

1. When moms come up to you saying, “Hold on hon- lemme rip your eye lashes off” isn’t weird. -Rebecca Elizabeth Law
2. When you can sing, dance and act every show you have ever been in….by your self. -Rebecca Elizabeth Law
3. When you have post show depression, no matter how many shows you’ve been in. -Amy Burns
4. When you can quote lines from past shows- and you didn’t even have any lines. -Suz Melton
5. When it’s not awkward watching guys putting on green tights. -Kathryn Freund
6. When your wardrobe is made up of CYT show shirts. -Jordan Wegele
7. Oh man…When the poster of your first show on your wall starts to peel away and crack. – John Cleary
8. When you enjoy the smell of hairspray. – Anonymous.
9. When you know the true meaning of ‘Average Joe’. -Brent Kennedy
10. When you’ve experienced the awkwardness of reaching out your HAND when it’s time to pray and the person next to you doesn’t take it so you just drop your hand down. – Eric William Geil
11. When you talk about going somewhere, at least 4 people shout out, ‘from CYT to BROADWAY!’ – Cassandra Maggard
12. When you’ve had a cold for 18 months straight. – Sarah Vakos
13. When you “walk” around the house, you’re really dancing. -Suz Melton
14. When you end up marrying someone from CYT. -Suz Melton
15. When you know all the parents by their first name and are good friends. – Jordan Wegele
16. When all the directors have gotten into the habit of making fun of you (not to mention your fellow cast members…) – Jenna Burns.
18. When you know every word to every song from every show. – Anonymous
19. When you’re used to seeing *straight* boys wear make-up. – Anonymous
20. I have to disagree. You can’t be in CYT for too long. It’s not possible. – Paul Downing

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